Excerpt from a review on "INSPIRATION" by Bill Binkelman from the New Age Music magazine "WIND AND WIRE"

I’m at a real disadvantage on this, my first review of an album from the artist who records as Sangit Om (a.k.a. Stefan Petersilge). The CD I have is Inspiration and the liner notes (except, inexplicably, the  song  titles) are in German. Oh well, no matter what language the notes are in, I don’t need to read them anyway to know that this is an excellent world fusion/new age music album. It was released in 1997 but it could be  even older because it harkens back to the “glory years” of new age music when a lot of great albums were released. Warm, catchy, and suffused with lively rhythms as well as almost an ambient  sensibility at times,  the music on Inspiration is superb ear candy and is an easy recommendation to both world music fans (especially those who like East Indian music) and listeners who enjoy melodic new age  music played on a variety of flutes, accompanied by percussion and keyboards.

... Inspiration is my first exposure to Sangit Om. “I’m impressed” would be an understatement. To record an album this polished (it’s got a nice glossy sheen), yet never cross into commercial territory, and  also  retain a sincerity that only cynics will dismiss, is certainly never easy. Stefan is a helluva musician and his versatility as a composer is something one must hear to appreciate. Honestly, I couldn’t get  enough of  this album. Highly recommended.

Excerpt from an Interview with Serge Kozlowski on his great Internet Magazine:

Serge: As far as I feel, your music is very easy for perception, light, clear, romantic and incredibly sincere. It seems that you  don't wish to use complex musical forms. What is mostly important for you to  express in your music? What would you tell me about your creative work? What are  your favorite musical instruments?

Sangit Om: For me the form has to serve the music and music is basically communication. My wish is that people can understand my music and will be then carried away by it. I want to express that it is worth to listen, to open up the mind and to go into a state of wonder about the mysteries of life again. When I make my music it is often hard work but I enjoy it tremendously. I love to play the bansuri the most. Those bamboo flutes are so simple; one piece of bamboo with seven wholes; and they still can sound so rich. But I also love my piano  and my keyboards after all. I like to use non-electronic instruments in New Age  music. That's why I play many instruments myself (percussion, violin, guitar,  accordion, tambura, flutes) and often invite other musicians to help out. But I also like to fiddle around with the possibilities of electronic instruments, samplers and computers.

Serge: I know that you are interested in the Greek music, and  you often visit the Island of Crete. Could you tell me why both Greek music and that picturesque place attract you?

Sangit Om: Oh yes, right now I sit in my house in a small village in Crete on my PC, typing this interview. Looking out of my window I see those  gigantic and mysterious mountains which help me to remember that one lifespan is nothing compared to eternity. Greek music has very ancient roots like the whole  Greek culture. People here are dancing still the same dances that have been danced many thousand years ago. This culture is exactly located on a meeting  point between east and west. This makes the music here very attractive and interesting for me. There are many fantastic musicians in Greece and I wish they  would be more known in the world.

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