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“After having played on so many different musical instruments, the bamboo flute seems to me to be the most mysterious and perfect one. It is just a piece of bamboo with seven holes and nothing else. But listen to  the miracles that human breath can perform with it!”

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The Indian bamboo flute, also called bansuri, is a transverse flute made of a single piece of bamboo and has nothing else than seven holes. All half notes, accidentals and microtones  are produced by a unique fingering technique.



The bansuri  is one of the oldest musical instruments. It is already mentioned in the Vedas (the oldest known scripts of humanity). It is associated with the god of dance and music: Krishna. This picture shows Krishna and Rhada.

One of the best known contemporary masters of the bansuri is Hariprasad Chaurasia. He became especially famous through his collaboration with western musicians like John McLaughlin or Jan Garbarek. But there are many others. Here is an (uncomplete) list:

Hariprasad Chaurasia - Rakesh Chaurasia - Ronu Majumdar
Nityanand Haldipur - Anand Murdeshwar - Raghunath Seth
Sunil Kant Gupta - Prakash Wadhera - Rupak Kulkarni
Rajendra Prasanna - Ajay Prasanna - Steve Gorn


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