Open Wings (1987 Multi Audio Cassette)
True Stories (1988 Sangit Om Music)
Dimensions Of Life (1991 Sangit Om Music)
Changing (1992 Sangit Om Music)
Bamboo Moon (1994 Sangit Om Music)
Inspiration (1997 Sangit Om Music)
Tender Moments (1999 Sangit Om Music)
Midwinter’s Dream (1999 Oreade)
The Feng Shui Effect (2000 Oreade)
Its Time To Say Good Night(2001 Kreuz)
The Spirit Of Tai Chi (2003 Oreade)
Songs From The Heart (2007 Oreade)
Qui Gong (2009 Oreade)
The Spirit of Yoga (2009 Oreade)
East and West (2018 Musenklang)

Women Of Power And Grace (1998 EMI)
Music For Yoga (1998 EMI)
Star Contact (1998 EMI)

Jazzmachine „Changes Of Climate" (1985 Alles Rec.)
Luna „Moving Moments" (1989 Nightingale)
Bindu „Zenrise" (Fønix 1989)
Bindu „Time For Living" (Fønix 1990)
Prabodhi „Muktinath" (Nightingale 1990)
Ahura „Whirling" (Nightingale 1990)
Suresha Hill „Secrets" (Nightingale 1991)
Chinmaya „Spiral Dance" (Nightingale 1993)
Steven Dunster „Behind the Veil" (1994 Original Face)
Henry Marshal „Mantras I -III" (1992 -1998 Oreade)
Christian Salvesen „Past Life" (1994 Aquarius)
Asires „There Is a Light" (1995 Asires Music)
Chinmaya “Feng Shui I/II” (1995 Nightingale)
Luna „Time Dreaming" (1995 Nightingale)
Nick „Picnic On Thin Ice" (1996 Nightingale)
Alekos Kalemakis “Akrites Tou Notou” (2005 Aerakis)
Arun “Fly Like The Wind” (2009 UH-Music)
Lucia Licht “Mantras - Prayers Of Silence” (Ognamo Media)
Arun "Thousand Ways" (2011 UH-Music)

True Stories

Dimensions Of Life

Bamboo Moon

Women Of Power And Grace

Moving Moments

Midwinters Dream


Music For Yoga

Fly Like The Wind

The Feng Shui Effect

Its Time To Say Good Night

Tender Moments

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